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Learn how to get the most out of your Doux pigments

1) The Silver pigment can be mixed with any liquid or powder food coloring, and it will make a pearl color; although the intensity of the color will decrease, it will still be pearled.

2) Whenever you apply pearl pigment into alcohol, make sure to use ethyl alcohol (the one you find in liquors). Do not use isopropyl alcohol, which is the one you use to heal wounds.

3) Liquor to be used can be Vodka, Gin, Rum, Anise, Tequila, etc. Only make sure the volume of alcohol printed on the label of the bottle must be of 40% or more.

4) Graphite pigment which provides a silver tone, can be lightened using Silver pigment.

5) When making edible paint to apply on chocolate, Doux pigments must be mixed with coconut oil, olive oil, or any other oil of your choice. Never with alcohol or water.

6) Doux pearl pigments can be applied with cotton, brush, airbrush, or dip.

7) Doux pigments are pearled pigments, not colorants. Therefore, their properties are different. A “Yellow Doux” mixed with a “Blue Doux” does not result in a pearly green color.

8) Our Doux pearlescent pigments offer an infinite range of effects, depending on the color of the background where they will be applied it will result the final effect.

9) Our Doux pearlescent pigments can give more or less coverage as well as greater or lesser brightness depending on the particle size.

10) Our Doux pearlescent pigments can be stored for more than five years without losing their properties, because they have no organic component or any artificial coloring.
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