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Sea world


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Sea world is a natural pearlescent pigment, easy to apply and widely used to decorate fondant, cupcakes, cookies, candies, creams, chocolates, macarons, donuts, and any food.

Because you deserve only the best, Doux offers you high quality features, such as:
100% edible.

Ingredients approved by the US FDA. They do not contain aluminum or other heavy metals that are harmful to health.

Doux is non-toxic and does not rust (does not turn green). It does not have taste or smell, so it does not alter the taste of desserts and foods in general.

When ingesting, no texture is felt.

It is recyclable, it has no waste.

It is stable to light. Its color does not degrade.

Its expiration date is 10 years. It’s a dry powder. As it does not contain water, it is not susceptible to bacteria or viruses.

Free of gluten, nuts, calories, carbohydrates, sodium, sugar and any animal component. Suitable for vegans and celiacs.

It withstands high temperatures in the oven.

It is water-soluble and fat-soluble.

Applicable dry or in liquors, airbrush and more. You can use it directly on your desserts and apply it using airbrush, cotton balls, brushes or soft brushes, or applicators such as hobbycor and enjoy infinite effects.

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2g, 4g, 50g

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