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    Doux is a powdered natural pearlescent pigment used on food.

    It is easy to apply, and it is widely used for decoration in products such as fondant, cupcakes, cookies, candies, jellys, chocolates, macarons, donuts, and more…

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    Our pigments are presented in two size packages:
    2 gr. and 50 gr.

    Choose from two different sizes.

    Make your creations shine with our pearl pigments

    We’d love to see how far you can go with our pigments!


    Learn how to use pearl dust / color dust to paint on fondant


    Mix ethyl alcohol (e.g. vodka, gin, anise) with Doux* pigment until obtaining a uniform mixture, then apply it on your creation. Items used in this video: – Doux Solar Gold (pigment color) – Vodka Brush

    What our customers say about us

    Something more than an effect is a good impression.

    I am delighted for having found Doux for my cakes, its quality is amazing and has the best color options! I personally like the gold and gold pink. I mix them with a small amount of vodka and use a thin brush to make some delicated touchs on my designs, and make it uniques. My clients love them! And the most important: it’s almost 24/7 customer service for any question. Cupcakes Etc .
    Florencia Ochiuzze


    I started using Doux Pigments a year ago, after attending a demo that really impressed me! The final result at apply them is fantastic. Besides, I always doubted in applying gold on cakes because some other pigments were not edible and their tags suggested to remove those pigments from the cakes before consuming them. Having found a 100% edible product and with such a sophisticated and elegant sparkle it was quite a discover! I apply them easily with a cotton ball on my cakes and tell my clients they can eat them without hesitation!
    Mila Magrini


    Doux is magic product! The final work with this product looks awesome. The quality is very high and the pigments cover quickly. I recommend Doux widely. The first time that I used it, I loved it! I’m sure that you will love it too!
    Mayra Fernandez

    Mayra’s Cake

    Available in 6 countries and counting..!

    – U.S.A.
    – Mexico
    – Honduras
    – Barbados
    – Colombia
    – Puerto Rico


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