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    Doux is a powdered natural pearlescent pigment used on food

    It’s easy to apply, and it is widely used for decoration in products such as fondant, cupcakes, cookies, candies, chocolates, macarons, donuts and more…


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    Halloween Colors

    Be Careful

    Are you sure what your kids are eating?

    Rest assured that when using our pearl pigments you offer safe ingredients for health. This way you take care of your children and clients regarding diseases associated with heavy metal poisoning.

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    Available in 5 countries and counting..!

    We deliver to any city in United States and anywhere in Canada, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Barbados.

    2g., 4g and 50g.

    Our pigments are presented in three size packages 

    Choose the ideal size according to your needs.

    So Easy

    How to Apply?

    You can apply the pigments with cotton spots, brushes and airbrushing. Consult us for the most practical way to apply them to your sweets.

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    Silver White

    Gold Lustre Pigments

    Metal Lustre Pigments

    Solid Colors

    Interference Pigments

    What People are Saying about Doux

    It’s unbelievable

    “Gold drips by Doux as always!!!! This powder is soo easy and nice to use on chocolate. It’s unbelievable!”


    Thank you for creating such an awesome product

    Without your pigments, this design would not have popped the way it did! I LOVE how the cookies turned out!!!! Thank you for creating such an awesome product!!!.



    Doux are my favorites when decorating my cakes!!

    “Doux pigments are my favorites when decorating my cakes!! 100% edible, FDA approved, and easy to apply to give a beautiful finish to each project.”


    Quiero ponerle pigmento a todooo

    “Me encantan los pigmentos y lo fácil que son de usar. Quiero ponerle pigmento a todooo jajaja.”


    Amo sus pigmentos

    “Amo sus pigmentos y que más que usarlos en mi curso de cakepops, para mostrarles a todas las que asistieron lo buenos que son. Son 100% comestibles, no contienen metales.



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